Keeping love strong while deployed – Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

Miles Apart, Hearts Together


Valentine’s Day, typically a day full of romance, can take on a different meaning for those who are separated from their loved ones due to military service. However, this particular situation presents an opportunity to find creative ways to make the day special, despite the physical distance. It also allows you to focus on self-love, connect with friends, and deepen your appreciation for your partner as you go the extra mile to be together. In this blog we’ll explore ideas and practical tips to not only celebrate love from afar, but also strengthen the bonds within your military community, turning Valentine’s Day into a shared celebration of resilience and camaraderie, even in the absence of loved ones.

Distance shouldn’t hinder the celebration of love! Plan a virtual dinner date with your significant other, cooking the same meal and enjoying each other’s company over a video call. Take a trip down memory lane by creating a digital scrapbook to revisit old photos, messages, and shared memories. Elevate your virtual date by exploring fun and unique ways to connect through online resources such as virtual cooking classes and game nights to add that special touch. To bridge the physical gap, send a surprise delivery such as flowers, handwritten letters, or a care package.

Promoting self-care for both men and women is an important part of any Valentine’s Day experience. Take some time to treat yourself to a relaxing spa day at home. Run a soothing bath, grab your favorite book, and let yourself soak. Do what brings you joy, take yourself out to dinner, try a new recipe, or watch your favorite movie. Don’t forget to prioritize your physical well-being by incorporating activities like hiking, yoga, or even a workout session to boost those endorphins!

Check with your base’s MWR for information on special Valentine’s Day programs or events within your community. You can initiate a day with others on base to assemble care packages filled with personalized notes, favorite snacks, and comforting essentials to send to your deployed spouses. Coming together to create these care packages not only provides a great gift to those serving abroad, but it also fosters a sense of togetherness among everyone who is spending Valentine’s Day without their loved one. 

Let’s embrace the strength and connection found in simple acts. Whether you’re focusing on self-love, connecting with friends, or creatively staying close to loved ones, each effort contributes to a display of love that goes beyond the challenges of distance. Remember, love knows no distance, and your resilience is worth celebrating. In every gesture of care, in every virtual connection, and in each shared moment, you are crafting a special Valentine’s Day experience that strengthens the bonds you hold dear.

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