“It’s not stuff… it’s story.”

LOGSA Mil Moves is a Veteran and MilSpouse owned Moving company dedicated to quality, stress-free moves for military families. 

I, Isabel Garcia Schmitt and co-founder Wendy Way, started LOGSA Mil Moves in early 2020.  Both veterans and military spouses, we met over 20 years ago at our commissioning source training exercise.  After working as contractors in support of the Fort Irwin Operations Group Motor Pool, we decided to combine our talents to answer problems that plague our own military community. We settled on finding solutions for the lack of PCS peak-season capacity, consistency in quality moving labor, and unemployment within the greater military spouse community. We sought to increase summer move cycle capacity by augmenting available milspouse labor to the existing move industry network, providing entrepreneurship opportunities for moving military spouses, and injecting our own personal brand of communication and empathy to ensure stress-free moves. Our original idea culminates with spouse managed/owned pack (and eventually pack and load) teams that plug into the PCS move network in the summertime to help the moving industry weather the storm brought on by the increased volume that the summer PCS move cycle brings. While Wendy has shifted focus to our government contracting, I am steadily focused on growing LOGSA Mil Moves with and alongside our military community. 

I invite spouses with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for small business to reach out to our team if they are interested in partnering with LOGSA Mil Moves to build pack or pack and load teams at their current duty stations. The beauty of this contracting opportunity is that these military spouses and veterans can take their small business with them when they PCS and, in turn, expand the network and reach. LOGSA Mil Moves knows the industry and can help families establish their small business.  Under the LOGSA Mil Moves umbrella, business owners benefit from our sterling reputation- one founded on high-quality customer service, proven industry training, vetted and endorsed contractors, and empathy for the transitioning family.  To date, we have received ZERO claims. We would love to strategically expand with potential owners or pack squad members that understand the military move cycle and can relate to the nuances of a military PCS.  When we military spouses and veteran contractors walk into your homes, we instinctively know, “it’s not stuff… it’s the story of a life in service.” 

Today, we find ourselves packing and/or loading shipments, fully managing year-round PPMs (Personally Procured Moves) with vetted and trusted transportation partners.  We guide our moving military families to trusted moving companies within the DPS system and provide training and operations consulting to moving industry transportation service providers. For out of pocket local moves, we help families quality movers at prices that military families can afford.  We are consistently seeking expansion and are always on the lookout for new contractors or new partners. 

More recently, I am excited to announce that with the help of Ashley Gutermuth, LOGSA Mil Moves has partnered with Stronghold Food Pantry. Together with SFP founder Monica Bassett, we are on the lookout for volunteer ambassadors to help combat food insecurity within our military community. One in four military families struggles with food insecurity and this effort helps to ensure that within our community we take care of each other. This PCS season, please reach out to us if you would like to donate non-perishable goods to your local pantry. Stronghold Food Pantry, a 501(c)3, also accepts gift cards and donations anytime. To donate, or to become an ambassador, please visit our website for more information.

While we are not currently operating in all networks, we have future plans to expand so definitely reach out to find out if we can help your family relocate. While our size doesn’t currently see us at all major installations, we have big plans and you are the key to that! Remember, if we can’t help you this year- that doesn’t mean that we won’t be set up to help you during your next PCS- always try! To those that seek our superior service and find we’re at capacity, please know that we are working to expand and, while we wish our small and mighty team could help each and every one of you, there are over 350,000 moves that happen each summer PCS cycle.  We are doing our best to keep up with the demand for our level of service.  A huge thanks to those of you that have spread the word far and wide. We work hard to help as many military families as we possibly can. We’ve established healthy partnerships with industry leaders that are receptive to us and work with us to answer your call! 

To contract with LOGSA Mil Moves or to serve as an ambassador for Stronghold, please reach out at contracting@logsahq.com with ‘contracting’ or ‘ambassador’ in the subject line. To set up a move or for more information visit our website at www.logsamilmoves.com. You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/logsamilmoves.com/

As always, at LOGSA Mil Moves, “it’s not stuff… it’s a story.”

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