Christmas In July!

In the warmth of July, a familiar tradition makes its way back around – Christmas in July! It’s a time when we pause to reflect on the generosity that defines the holiday season, even in the heat of summer. Just a couple of months ago, in May, I shared with you the significance of our partnership with Wreaths Across America. This initiative is so important to us that we’re bringing it back again! Through this partnership, we aim to sponsor 500 wreaths that will be laid on the graves of veterans across the nation and with your help, I know that we can make this happen.


Every December the owner and founder of Military No Stress PCS, Rob Schelle, encourages our team to take their families to the National Cemetery nearest to them to join in the wreath-laying ceremony. This has started a beautiful tradition in my own family, as every year we now look forward to participating in the wreath-laying ceremony at Culpeper National Cemetery in Virginia. This tradition has become a cherished part of our lives, and it is in these moments, with my own children, that I truly appreciate the mission of Wreaths Across America: “Remember, Honor, Teach.”


This past year, we arrived at the cemetery for the starting ceremony. It was a beautiful, tear-provoking event, with a bugle performance, singing, and ended in prayer. My children, ages 7 and 4 at the time, were able to understand and respect the importance of the act of service we were participating in. After the ceremony, each person gets in line to take as many wreaths as possible to distribute throughout the cemetery. As you lay each wreath, it is asked that you take a moment to reflect on the soldier’s life and say their name out loud. As my 4-year-old wasn’t quite old enough to read on her own, she needed my help to say their names; this created a beautiful moment of unity that we experienced together.


One thing that made us chuckle – we saw two boys find a very large stick and stack as many wreaths on it as possible so that they could cover more ground without having to get back in line to replenish their wreaths. It was more efficient, albeit a bit humorous!


Participating in this tradition is not just an act of service; it’s a way to honor the sacrifices made by our veterans. For our nonprofit, it’s an extension of our mission to support those who have served. By laying these wreaths, we are ensuring that their legacy lives on and by bringing our own families, we are teaching the future generation to appreciate the value of their sacrifices.


So, this “Christmas in July,” we invite you to join us in this tradition by sponsoring a wreath; for $17 you can make a difference, and $5 of that purchase will go back to directly support Military No Stress PCS’s mission. Your contribution will help us sponsor 500 wreaths, bringing us closer to our, and Wreaths Across America’s


, goal of having enough wreaths to lay on every grave across the nation. Your generosity and support mean the world to us and to the many lives we touch through this initiative. Thank you for being part of our journey and helping us honor the heroes who have given so much for our freedom.

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